Guide on Joining as an escort and enjoy the luxurious life

Escort company is profitable and developing rapidly. More individuals are hiring escorts to fulfil their sexual urges and for friendship. Some clientele is real and dependable, while others are untrustworthy. Vancouver escorts must avoid the law and customers. Today, we highlight escort safety precautions to assist them to play safe and have a trouble-free day. Let's learn about escort services and read customer evaluations.


*    As an escort, remember these things:
*    Immediately leave if a customer is abusive.
*    Keeping your identity hidden will assist.
*    Don't get too drunk or high; stay in control.
*    Be safe;
*    Keep your phone close and set emergency contacts as a shortcut.
*    Deal-closing protocols

In terms of Initial Contact with the client, make sure to follow the following points:

You should always call the customer first. Before seeing the customer in person, screen them over the phone. Your phone number and address shouldn't be posted online. Asking customers to email you would assist. They may contact you using an online form.

Get as much information as possible from your customer. Before agreeing, ask about the meeting spot and do research. Cancel the appointment if the location seems sketchy.

Escorts, beware!

When consumers get acceptable escort services, they discuss them on official sites or the agency's website. These reviews of Escort tell others about the escort's excellence. If escorts have a bad encounter with a client, they might warn other escorts. If you enter a client's home and notice many cars parked, more than one person is waiting inside. If the agreement didn't specify so many persons, depart immediately.

Ten minutes early, check out the client's home. If the client's holding a party, cancel the meeting. You may examine the client's location on Google Maps before visiting. Upon arrival, phone the customer to make sure he's alone.


InCall Tips

Tell your agency or close friends your client's room number and hotel name. Whatsapp also allows active location sharing. Consider it a warning indicator if the client objects to others knowing your whereabouts. Perhaps he's hiding something.

If this is your first encounter with the customer, meet at a restaurant or bar. If you trust the customer, go to the hotel with him. On your walk out, observe the hotel's street, nearby stores, garages, bars, etc.

Try to recall the hotel's layout and escape routes upon arrival. Watch for hidden cameras in the room you're escorted to. Also, extra phones may be utilised to record. If you have to run, keep as many clothes on as possible. Leave if you're suspicious. Make sure you and your customer are observed by the hotel's lobby CCTV cameras. The tape proves the customer was there.


Trust your instincts. If something seems wrong, leave. Don't assume someone is a gentleman just on their appearance. Be confident and forceful with the customer. Don't negotiate. You'd be better off sticking to your boundaries and pricing and never compromising. Tell the customer what you can and can't accomplish. Be pleasant yet tough while negotiating client services. Also, turn down weird clients. Keep an eye on the customer and his actions. Carry a whistle or safety alarm and use it when you detect danger. Also, carry pepper spray.